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Basic Control Panel functions - Section two


Covered in section one is the layout and basic function of the Control Panel.  Now to illustrate a bit further about the rest of the sub sections.

From the Control Panel:

Control Panel

=> Server Manager > you will have Hosted Domain(s) displayed along with the type (eg WS = Website, VMS = Virtual Mail Server, RDR = Redirect, etc.). There are more but that gives you the idea.

=>> From there you could click "Manage" on any one of your servers and go to manage FTP, Email, Wordpress, ... and more.

=> Server Billing > there are options to ether pay for a service or cancel it.

=>> Server Billing > Pay (domain specific) > Continue > you can from there ether use Wave Rewards Points (should you have enough) or pay by an accepted Credit Card.

=> Account Manager > Here you cnange/update your Wave Networks account.

=>> Account Manager > Personal Info, Email Address, Password.

=> Wave Rewards > Here you can enter the person that refered (that would be their domain name) and also see how many (if any) Wave rewards you have.  There is a link directly from there to go to your Server Billing page too.

=> Log Out > This one explanes itself rather well.

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