Finding the right domain name

Your domain is the name of your website, you want it to reflect the purpose of your website, be easy to remember and as short as possible.  But lets face it a lot of times you will go to register a new domain and it’s taken already.  Now you have to come up with alternatives.  This article is going to show you how easy it is to find and register a new domain using Wavenetworks.com’s name spinner search tool.

Select a TLD

What’s a TLD, sometimes it’s called a domain suffix. It’s the Dot Com in .com, you can have a wide range of tld’s to choose from.  Wave Networks offers the main ones including .com, .net, .org, .biz,.info,.name, .me, .tv and .cc. Of course we recommend getting the .com or .org if possible as it’s the most commonly known tld in the market.  The steps are easy just make sure you take the time to find the right one.

Perform your first search

Was it available? that would be great and you are off to registering it and taking advantage of our free 45 days of hosting to get you started.  But most likely your first choice will not be available.

What can you do?

  1. If your business name or real name is already taken, try extending it by adding what you do or other keyword friendly addition.  Some examples could be adding shop to Martinsflowers to make martinsflowershop.com
  2. Come up with a memorable domain name that is not your business name.  Some examples could include Pizzatonight.com if SeattlePizza.com is taken.
  3. Make up a new word, sometimes the only way to get a good domain is to make a word up.  This is tricky as you need to make up a word that is not taken but may sound like a real word.  Think twitter, hadoop, uber, pintrest etc.
  4. Take a look at the alternatives provided by our namespinner, it uses a built in thesaurus to try and give you selections that mean the same thing.  It’s not always good but it can get you thinking.


Add available domain to your cart.

As easy as online shopping, select one or more domains to add to your Domain Shopping Cart.  You will then see the annual price for each domain you add.  Each TLD has a different price based on what the organizing body that maintains each TLD’s registry.  Once you are ready hit checkout to continue.


Update your registrant info.

You will be asked to enter your name and address information plus some security information.  This information must be completely accurate.  This info is synced with worldwide registries and ICANN the organization responsible for regulating domain names requires that the email used for registrations be verified.  Any unverified email addresses will cause the domain to go back into the pool unregistered.

Once you have filled out your registration you now can move on to domain options and select which of our new domain offers to choose from.

Select 45 days free hosting.

If you are registering a domain, you may as well get hosting for your new website while you are at it.  Wave Networks offers two great deals.  Either get 45 days of free hosting, or  pay for a year of hosting and we will pay your domain for your up to $15.

Pay for your domain registration.

At every step we recheck the domain availability in case someone else in the world tries to register it with another registrar.  It’s important you do so as soon as you can to not let your domain get away.

Check your email

Within an hour, you should be receiving a third party verification notice to verify your registrant contact information.  If you don’t please contact us at support@wavenetworks.com.  Any unverified domains will be returned back to the pool and be subject to registration by someone else.

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