Web Designer Approved Hosting

You get hosting, and a whole lot more.

"When you contact us for support, you get a System Admin, Web Developer, Programmer or Founder responding to you.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a customers code to help them out or had in-depth conversations about internet strategy with customers who only called for help with their email.  Our quality comes from transparency and access to the people with the answers not a call center script."

Co-Founder Jeevan Anandasakaran  

Web Hosting Features

  • 20 GB Transfer
  • 500 MB Web Storage
  • 2GB Email Storage
  • PHP 5.5x
  • Load Balancing
  • 200 Email Accounts
  • 200 FTP Accounts
  • Smart Daily Backups
  • Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
  • DNS Hosting
  • Delegated Administration

Plus you get…

  • Automated WordPress Installation
  • Completely Responsive Control Panel
  • Complete WordPress Training Videos
  • Optional Listing in Our Community Directory

All for just
$9.95 per month or
$49.95 paid annually (Save 58%).

You will need to register a domain to get hosting, a domain is your name on the internet like wavenetworks.com is ours.

Why is Distributed Architecture Important?

Simple. Overall service availability and performance!

Most of our competitors oversubscribe and place all customers and services on a single machine which is responsible for web, mail, ftp, database, ldap traffic and so on..... In that case a single customer over utilizing a service could effect availability and speed for other customers.

Wave Networks empowers enterprise level infrastructure that consists of dedicated clustered servers for mail, ftp, nfs, web and databases services. When service response becomes unacceptable, we non-disruptively grow our cluster and processing power by introducing more servers. This way every customer has the same consistent service availability.

"This way every customer has the same consistent service availability."

Our architecture is robust and fast. We invite anyone to view our current server health, mail & web usage, or 3rd party stats which can be accessible from our support page. Three years of continuous cluster uptime is a common occurrence, and overall service availability is typically between 99.98% and 99.99% which includes all system, software, firmware, network, datacenter maintenance and upgrades - most are non-disruptive anyways. Not bad for $4.16/month(paid annually).

We built our service from the ground up

Wave Networks' infrastructure utilizes a highly available, highly scalable combination of clustered Linux and UNIX environments. We've developed our own custom management interface to facilitate both the sale of hosting services and more importantly, the administration of your website. Our hosting service and features has evolved from the response to customer requests and has allowed us to build an incredibly efficient architecture and feature menu at a price that few other market players can match.

Manage Multiple Domains with a single Master Account

Wave Networks lets the domain purchaser handle all of his or her domains and services via a single login, so there's no more hassling with multiple accounts and logins.

You will need to register a domain to get hosting, a domain is your name on the internet like wavenetworks.com is ours.

Tiered Delegated Administration

Managing email and FTP accounts for your customers can be a bit of a hassle at times, that's why the Master account has the ability upgrade any email user to administrator privileges for their domain only. By just logging in using their email and email password, new administrators have access to all domain specific features (e.g., creating ftp users and email addresses and changing security profiles and settings).

Also, standard email users can login with their email address and password to edit their own mail features like mail aliases, forwarding, ANTI-SPAM, vacation messages and more.

All of this is accomplished via a single sign on process so you can spend more time designing websites--delegating the account maintenance back to the customer or appropriate co-workers.

Easy WordPress Install

Our automated wordpress installation makes setting up a new wordpress site easy and in just minutes.  

  • Install in any directory
  • Automatically creates a database
  • Install unlimited instances

WaveBreaker™ ANTI-SPAM Technology

Wave Networks is always at the leading edge of ANTI-SPAM Technology. All of our hosting packages include our ANTI-SPAM service features. Our customers comment on how much spam is reduced just by switching their host environments to Wave Networks. We are proud to drop thousands of pieces of unauthorized spam every hour.

200 FTP Accounts – (per domain & w/ directory restrictions available)

Wave Networks allows you to create many FTP accounts for multiple purposes. You have the ability to restrict any FTP user to a specific directory isolating them into their own container. Many of our customers use this powerful feature for co-hosted subdomains, backup of files from several branch locations, outsourced development restricted to a dev or test environment and so on.

200 Email Accounts – (per domain)

WaveNetworks email infrastructure is easily capable of scaling to millions of active users which makes us perfect for any small to medium sized business. Every email account has the ability to manage their own anti-spam settings, aliases or forwards, vacation replies, backups and archives, and domain managers are capable of setting quotas for their users between 4MB and 2GB in size. Email lists are available upon request.

Logs & Backups Available Online

Customers have access to RAW access logs for their sites as well as the previous 3 days of backups--all available 24/7 for online download.

Complete Web Statistics

Wave Networks provides stats using powerful Webalizer and AWStats software, enabling a "stats.yourdomain" page that presents tons of valuable information from visits logs to the most common search queries that found your site.