How to set up Website Hosting Service

Do you already have a domain name?
(if not you can register one here).

If so then you are ready to set up a web hosting server.  A web host is a service in which a company that has dedicated computers that “Host” your website files and serve them to your visitors using web server software.  A web host will typically also host your email “Server” as well.  Your website files can be your wordpress application or your own HTML and or PHP documents placed on the server via FTP, using the hosts FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server.

To set up hosting you need.

  1.  A registered domain
  2. The domain must be pointed/use the hosts name servers.  In our case they are
    1. ns1.wavenetworks.com
    2. ns2.wavenetworks.com
  3. Credit card to pay for 1 – 12 months of hosting.  $9.95 – $49.95

First step is to visit your favorite hosting company and select Get Hosting

If you already have a Wave Networks login, you should sign in.  If not, you will need to create your account using the Create Account form.

Next enter your domain name

i.e. wavenetworks.com making sure not to add the www. as this will cause an error and we will remind you. Please make sure you actually own this domain and have the ability to point it’s nameservers to us.  We cannot host a domain you do not own.

Finally you can select how long you want hosting for.

This will determine the price for your hosting service, most of our customers select the full year as the price reflects a %58 savings, that’s more than half off.

Once paid you are good to go,

you may need to wait up to 5 minutes for all of our scripts to run and update our directories.  If you plan to run wordpress, use our automated wordpress install to get up in running in minutes.


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