How to write a quality about us page

If you are stuck in the mud having hundreds of visitors but never a single call requesting for your services or products, it could be because your About page does not give the visitors much to go by. In a world where everything has become virtual, first impression is everything. The customer never gets to see you and hence you have to help them see as much of you or your business as possible through a proper and state of the art About page. The good thing is, it is not hard to come up with one. But only if you are willing to take the time, sit down and master each of the tips and aspects of a killer About page that have been shared below.

What should information should be included?

The About page is where potential customers and visitors go to get questions answered about the company. The more answers they are able to get the more comfortable they are with the company. Before you even get into the nitty gritties of writing the About us content, you should make sure you are ready to answer questions like what your company does, your history in the business, are you a small or big company, your location, values of the company and what makes you unique. If you are able to cover all of these in your write-up you’re on your way to success.

Be factual.

photo-1444570265304-55ea38d8fc9fBefore anything, you have to make sure that you find a middle ground when writing an About us page. It should not be a replica of the homepage and neither should it be the place where you go off boasting.

Consider it as a resume. The only difference is, instead of landing you a job, it is landing you customers and clients. It is not the place for hype or hard selling clients. The best approach is to clinically and strategically offer pin point and factual information about your establishment without comparing yourself to the competition. Just let the visitor know why doing business with you would be in their best interest and that you have the capacity to handle their needs.

Stretch a trusting hand.

Gone are the days when a client would drop by and get a salesperson to take them on a tour. These days, your About us content is that salesperson. The earlier you are able to prove you can be trusted the higher the chance you’ll get a lead from that visitor. You need to strike trust with the visitor as you communicate. This is why basing your information on facts is crucial.

If they decide to do a background check and find it’s true, they are more than likely going to do business with you. Another trick to apply here is your tone. Make it cordial and conversational and not salesy or pitchy as this can be a great turn off to customers.

Who is your audience?

What kind of people is your business, profession or website targeting? Is it kids, fellow professionals or even mothers? Visualize your potential customers in your mind while crafting the page. Imagine what they would need or would be looking for, what would irritate them or make them commit and make sure you address all that. These are all pieces of a puzzle that you should not miss. Having the customer in mind will allow you to adapt a tone that is not only welcoming and appeasing to them but one that makes them believe you both want the same thing. Each of the demographics would require a different approach. This is why you have to be keen in identifying your target market.

The pyramid format.

There is a neat trick that most people never bother to use in the page. Know what you customer might want most and make that information most prominent. Alternatively, you can try to steer them in a certain direction by strategically focusing more on certain details like say your credentials. In most instances, it is best to concentrate on what makes you unique. It can even be achievements. Something that sets you apart from the competition.

Make a connection.

If you were meeting this client in person, you would find a way to make a connection. It could be you both have boys or live in the same city. In your About us content, try to stir the same connection. Make the client feel and believe they are in the right place with the right people. Being honest about who or what you really are could earn you some great points in this case.

Throw in some social proof.

You need to prove to the reader that you are not all talk. They might not have the time to start searching about you but you could help them. Have some social proof that what you are telling them is true. These can be a selection of Awards that you have received or any press releases that have gotten you some lime lighted and you or your business has been quoted. It saves them the trouble of having to forage through the internet and at the same time backs up your story.

Don’t forget your social media avenues.

If the client is very intent on getting to know the business or you as an individual, then chances are they are willing to check you out on social media. Do not deny them the satisfaction. Always promote your Facebook, Twitter and even blogs and other social media platforms on your write up. It gives you easy likes and growth and your clients get better insight to you which goes improving your image.

Update regularly.

Usually, About pages can be left unattended for ages. This is a grave mistake. You need to constantly add new information about the entity. Whether it’s new awards, milestones, innovations, anything. Let the About us content describe what your business is today and not what it was yesterday.

Always remember that when writing such pages, you need to keep things personal. You need to appeal and reach out to your humane side to let the customer know that you wrote the page. Not for your own use but for theirs. Because you care about them.

It’s all about staying humble and true. If you get this right, it could be the cradle of your success. It can greatly increase the rates of simply visitors and potential clients to actual and return clients. All you have to do is invest the time, the passion and what you have learned from this and you could find yourself in a whole new level.

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